Thursday, November 09, 2006

Suicidal Fish

Someone at work got a fish tank with two goldfish for the office today. However, while he was out, there was an attempted suicide! There were three girls in the office at the time, sat around on the comfy chairs, chatting away, as you do at work.....when I heard a noise from the corner of the room, where the tank was situated. Having fish myself, small splashes are nothing to worry about, as fish often splash a bit at the surface. However, the two other girls, being slightly more skeptical/curious wandered over to the tank, peered over the table it was on......

*loud, piercing girly screams*

The fish had jumped out of a tiny gap in the lid, and was flopping limply on the table. Now, being of the school of girly screams myself, the usual drill in such situations would be to join said screaming, and call over my significant other in a wheedling voice. However, such luxuries were not available, no men in the vicinity!

*gasp* I hear you say.

The other screamy girls were not up to the challenge, so I took a deep breath, netted the fish with minimal contact, and plopped him back to his new home. Not that he seems to like it much. Anyone know why fish like doing this so much?!


P.S. the fish didn't make it in the end. Met his maker down the loo to fishy heaven. Have a click on the link below, speaking of comical fishes, if you haven't already seen it, enjoy!


At 1:57 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

My fish do this aswell! I think they are a bit simple.


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