Monday, November 13, 2006

Names For Hubby

I am still in the process of choosing a suitable "character" name for my other half. I emailed the old FAF*, and although I'm still unsure, though I would post some of the more amusing "pet" names they came up with. The prize for laugh-out-loud name goes to the guy who calls the missus: "My current wife; to keep her on her toes" (!!!!)

Another suggestion, and a name she often uses for her hub (in public) "love of my- lust of my- ", let's assume the blanks are 'life' and 'loins', although it becomes quite the passionate comment if you mix up the words: love of my loins, lust of my life!!! Tee hee.

Furthermore, one FAF emailed a long list of possibilities, such as kikiriki, which is eveidentley the noise a cockrel makes (her hub is foriegn)(although why a cockrel, I'm unsure. Let your immagination run wild) and "my problem" (to do with getting him into the country, quite sweet). She also suggested using a french word, since we honeymooned there.

Others include him in doors, perhapsps shortened to HID? He wants to be called Scooby Doo, (just because he likes him) but was put off by the realisation that if we ever had a baby, it would have to be called Scrappy Doo. Nightmare. What are you thoughts, bleaders*/husband? Post your comments below.


*FAF=Friends and family
*Bleaders=blog readers.


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