Thursday, July 16, 2009

Harry Potter!

Last night, my sister kindly took on childcare duties, while HID and I went n a date to see the new Harry Potter film. I am a huge, huge fan of the books, and also love the films (I'm not one of those that moans about the films being adapted too much from the books, I enjoy the films in their own right, and see them as an extension of the Harry experience!). HID loves the films, but hasn't read the books. We always make a point of seeing the Harry films as soon as they come out, there is nothing quite so fun as being in amongst all the hard-core fans, who not only laugh without reserve, but clap and you may even spot a few pointed hats amongst the dress code :-)

The frantic "shushing" that occurred as the lights dimmed only reinforced the audience's excitement, like me, their hearts were pounding with expectation!

I do not want to give too much away to those who haven't read the book but wish to see the film (or read the book ages ago, and can't remember every detail), but suffice to say, I REALLY enjoyed the film! Yes, it is dark and violent this time, but it was also by far the funniest of the Harry films. I don't often laugh aloud at films, but I was heartily guffawing along with everyone else. Some comedy highlights were: when Harry drinks the "Felix" and his confidence causes him to be more cheeky than necessary to Slughorn, classic! And at Slughorn's dinner party, Harry standing to greet Ginny, cringe, and I couldn't watch for crying with laughter as Hermione's love interest seductively licked chocolate sauce off his fingers....eeeew! And of course, Ron was a laugh a minute, as always. Loving Rupert!

As a fan of the stories, I would have liked a few more of the Riddle memories, I am a little dubious about how they will continue into the next film as Harry doesn't seem to"know" enough. I am very glad they left out the funeral scene, I'm not sure my hormonal emotions could have coped! I did enjoy the sort of "wand salute" that wasn't in the book, a touching addition.

Harry and Ginny's first kiss was gorgeous. If was so intimately done, I felt an intruder on their lives and momentarily looked away from the screen.

What we did remark as we left was: it wasn't long enough! Well, we would have liked more. More story, more action, more of Mr & Mrs Weasley, of Hagrid. It has made me very excited about the Deathly Hallows! If you're a fan, it does not disappoint.



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