Friday, December 18, 2009

apologies! update:

First, I'd like to apologise for neglecting you all! I'm in awe if all you bloggers still managing to regularly post in the run up to Christmas, I'm finding it impossible! December is sort of busy for us at the best of times (both mine and Boy's birthdays, plus HID and my anniversary) then throw into the mix two under twos, one of which is attached to the breast 90% of the time, and then a scary hospital stay with said littlest one, it's been blogland to the back burner! I've only just got the Christmas decorations up, latest ever I think. Thank you to everyone who sent get well wishes to Missis, she is doing fairly well, still coughing, it's a slow thing.

Avid readers may be aware that Missis is exceptionally tiny, I'm well used to strangers asking me if she was premature when they find out her age, and looking bemused when they discover she was average weight at birth. Well, I had her weighed just before she fell ill (well, she had her mild cold at that point) and she was 8lb7, and I was told to return in two weeks, to be on the safe side. I would usually refuse, but she is tiny, and better safe than sorry. But then she got ill, and didn't feed as much. Well, I didn't need the health visitor telling me she'd lost, most babies do during illness, she seemed fine, so I put it off for three weeks to give her a chance to catch up.

I took her this week, and was a little unsettled to find my friendly breastfeeding volunteer not present; she would have been my back up person when the hv's started on their weight/formula before I'd even got Missis undressed, I'm making my excuses: "she had a cold, it was a chest infection, antibiotics, hospital two nights, nebuliser, x-rays, bronchioloitis, she will have lost probably..." on and on I blabbed. Well, the scales told a different story, a story I knew, in reality, to be true, one of a healthy, happy Missis. She had put on a whole pound! She hadn't even wavered off her curve. She's almost four months old now, and many babies weigh more than her 9lb7 when they are born. I decided to get out Boy's little red (childhood development) book and have a look at his weight at that age.

I know I can't make direct comparisons, as in our area, there are new weight charts now, with the curves based on breastfed and not formula fed babies, which works for us. Plus, even brothers and sisters, no matter how alike they seem, are not the same person. At the same age, Boy weighed 13lb4, so a lot heavier, bear in mind he was combine fed from 4 weeks, and exclusively formula fed at 4 months. But looking at the newborn stage, Boy dropped so much weight, he fell through four centiles. Missis only ever fell one. Yes, it took her ages to regain her birthweight, but now she's doing so well. I've been asked to return again in two or three weeks, but I'm not sure if I will. I know what a healthy baby looks like. I don't have a lot of time on my hands now I have two under twos, and it's such a hassle dragging two tots to the health centre. She will grow at her own pace, she's a little dot, but she's perfect.

In other news, I turned 25 a few days ago. I was ready to let it pass by unnoticed. It's not that I mind getting older, I really don't have much opinion on the matter, it's just that I have no interest in birthdays now I have children. People ask me what I want, I only want things for them. And it's so close to Christmas, my head is filled with making their Christmases great. But my mum wanted to do something.

She had a great idea, taking the children to a soft play area! She invited my cousin who has a 6m old, and I invited some friends I'd made via Boy, who both handily have children Boy's age. Mum and I took turns holding a sleeping Missis, and running round playing and having fun with Boy and his little friends. It was a different kind of birthday, but the mother I am today loved it, it was my idea of a fun afternoon. Plus, it snowed! Can't ask for more on your birthday eh?

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At 3:09 pm , Blogger Sandy Calico said...

Great news about Missis' weight :-)
Happy Birthday to you and Boy and I hope you all have a wonderful ?Christmas x

At 8:06 pm , Anonymous Net said...

You forgot the bit about some exciting news from a friend! ;)

At 10:53 pm , Blogger Laura C said...

That's great about Missis' weight! You know yourself if they doing ok weight wise! I do take baby girl and toddler once a month but it's really so I can ask other Qs I might have. Plus they give you loads of free stuff at my HV! That sounds like a fun birthday! I'm the same, my mum makes sure I buy something for myself if she gives me vouchers cause otherwise it gets spent on the kids! Have a lovely Xmas x

At 8:14 pm , Anonymous Laura McIntyre said...

Hope the weight gain continues, children just gain differently . Aslong as they gain and seem ok then it is fine.

My 3 were all breastfed and gained completely differently. My eldest was about 12lbs at 6 months and my youngest almost 20lb. Both fed the same ... (Now at 15m he is heavier than his biggest sister at 3) .

At 7:13 pm , Blogger allgrownup said...

Sandy: merry yuletide to you also, hope you enjoyed snowey Prestonia!
Net: yours of course was the best news ever, and totally made my birthday. Wasn't sure if you were sharing it with my readership though :-)
Laura C:thanks, your hv sound fab!
Laura M:comforting words indeed, I know she'll do fine, it's just other people that make me doubt myself.

At 1:13 pm , Anonymous ella said...

Belated happy birthday!

And that's great news about the weight gain x

At 12:36 pm , Blogger allgrownup said...

Thanks Ella


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