Monday, November 23, 2009

Toddler:English Dictionary

After my previous post, I'm pleased to report that things are improving and I'm able to spend more time "mothering" my Boy, as Missis feeds less often and for less time, and is even getting better at sleeping on her own for short (30 mins) periods of time. I'm hoping it's a developmental milestone and not the chest infection she currently has. So today, we finger painted on brown parcel paper (used) to make Christmas wrapping paper, and played dress up, and "watered" the plants in the garden, not that they need it. Yesterday we baked, made dens and played rough and tumble together. It's been pretty special for me, I haven't done much of this fun stuff in ages. My little boy is growing so fast, I want to remember everything he does. So here is our toddler-to-English dictionary, it's taken me a while to get to this stage, I'm usually the last one to notice the jibberish he just uttered was a string of words!

Mi-mi: my favourite; "Mummy"
Ooooo, eeets daaa: oooh, it's dark (this applies if someone switches a light off. Or on for that matter)
(shouted) BUBU!: bubbles!
boooo!: either as in peekaboo, or as in poo, stinky socks/shoes
sheeese: cheese
sheeeese: please
ishhhhh: fish
shoooow: soap
aaaah: hands, as in, wash hands
eye: ice, while pointing to his eye. Which is apparently in the back of his head.
bee bee: car horn noise
um: humph, that loveable little monster on nick jr
ba ba: peppa, as in peppa pig. This used to be "peppa". Not sure why we regressed.
AAAAH!: meaning dinasaur, monster, tiger, lion or other scary things.
ow, ow: can we go out? can I get out of my highchair/bath/cot?
pop!: popping bubbles
row row: round and round, said while spinning to make himself dizzy, or singing wheels on the bus.
mo-mo: I want more. Of the food I was having, drink I was drinking, song we were singing, game we were playing.
No: meaning no
No: meaning I'm in the mood to say no and I haven't listened. Even when you say "would you like some chocolate?"
Di-Di: digger or similar
*kissing noise*: I want my dummy
*patting the side of my head* (tired sign): I want my blanket
*waving my right hand*: sign for yes; he made this up, I'd prefer just a nod!
*pointing to my mouth while going "Eeee! Eeee!"* : I want something to eat.
*fist bashed on my chin* : please or thank you


At 10:13 pm , Blogger TheMadHouse said...

It does get easier as the they get older and sleep for longer. I found the first three months terrible, it was all I could so to get us all dressed sometimes.

So well done for heving the energy to do all that

At 9:16 pm , Blogger Cave Mother said...

Oh, I can only imagine how hard it must be. It's nice that you managed to have some fun. When I think back to how hard Cave Baby was at that age, and imagine there being another, older child in the picture... well, it makes me shudder to be honest.

Anyway, your boy has quite a vocabulary! Our most exciting words are "dada" which means daddy or a cat or a dog, and "boof" which is of course "woof" (usually uttered seconds after "dada").

At 7:20 pm , Anonymous Online Mum said...

Great vocab! Our best one recently from 3yo was: a 'lorry-hop' instead of 'lollipop'!

At 8:38 pm , Blogger Jacqui said...

Awwww, that's adorable! My 16-month-old's vocab consists of just a few choice words - Mama, Dada, Ta, Da (down) and Upsy-Da (Upsy Daisy from In The Night Garden). I find it a little strange that she can recite the name of a fictional television character, but can't say something much more relevant and heartwarming, like 'Love You'. Children are so fickle!!


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