Friday, November 17, 2006


My dad has always called me a hippy due to the way I dress (I'm not sure he knows how hippies actually dress. I think you'll find it's more emo/Kelly Osborne dad.) However, I do have very strong, hippy-ish views about eco-issues like recycling, carbon emissions (, endangered animals(, natural foods ( and products (,, ect.

But I want to do a post about recycling this time. Innocent smoothies were on offer this week at my local supermarket, and I bought bucket loads as I love the stuff, even though it's a bit expensive. I usually get a little bottle as part of a boots meal deal, as it's well cheap then! I got to reading the side of the carton, as you do....well I do anyway, having a love of the written word and all that, and it had a website for info on recycling the carton (tetrapak, who make most of our household juice, soup and milk cartons), as my local council don't provide this service!!! (To see if yours does, click here

I HATE throwing away things that could be recycled, and constantly find myself picking him indoors' and MIL's (mother in law) hastily chucked cardboard/pop bottle/junk mail out of the bin. Gross I know, but to me it even more disgusting to actually throw away recycable rubbish. If we don't start pulling our socks up now, our planet will be one massive landfill site for our kids, our grandkids, and probably won't even be able to sustain or great-grandkids. So I decided to write to my rubbishy council, and convince them to offer MORE recycling services. Why don't you join me? Innocent has done most of the work, all you have to do is add you own name.

You can look up you council's address below. And if like me, you don't do snail mail, they even have some email addresses you can use!

And if you're just curious about the issue, as I was, have a look as innocent's site, it's quite nice. Just like their funny little TV ads.

yours ecologically,



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