Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Award overload

I've not been saving these up honestly! They all arrived sort of at once after Missis was born and I hadn't got round to doing them until now. So instead of following the rules rigidly, I'm going to pass these on to five blogs I've come to love, some recently,others classics on my google reader, and tell you why. And each blogger can pick their award or take the trio, because I think all the blogs below are swank/bloody brilliant/I love them!

First, World of a Mummy awarded me the I Love your Blog! award, which if I were playing properly, would be passed on to 15 blogs. And she's to take her pick from the two below! She's currently baby-led-weaning her youngest, like I did with Boy (and plan to with Missis) and she's recently shared a fab recipe for homemade chicken nuggets!

Then Laura at Yummy Mummy Flabby Tummy; gave me the Your Blog is Bloody Brilliant award, which is to be passed on to 5 blogs. And I love Laura's blog and also think it's Swank, so take your pick Laura. I feel like I have an awful lot in common with Laura at the moment, our children are quite similar in age and she too is struggling to keep a toddler entertained while she breastfeeds the baby....chin up eh Laura??

Finally, Clare at Clareybabbling; awarded me the Your Blog is Swank! award, I love that word! And I couldn't see any clear rules to that one, so I suppose I'm off the hook there. Clare recently had some issues with extended breastfeeding, an issue I feel strongly about (i.e. women shouldn't be ashamed to feed their children, however old hey might be) I hope it all worked out for her!

So here are the blogs I think are fabulous:
Fellow babywearer Steph Adventures in Babywearing. Read about and see pictures of the daring rescue after her son's beloved doggy fell into the river recently.
Crafty Creative at From Rat Racer to Positive Parent. You must check out her post on the 2010 breastfeeding calendar for Rugby breastfeeding cafe, such gorgeous pictures of yummy feeding mummies.
Insomniac Mummy who wrote a beautifully touching post last week about her mother's death.
Josie at Sleep is for the Weak, she's another fellow babywearer! (there are more of you out there than I thought :-) ) I met the lovely Josie recently and marveled at how similar our boys are. She's just started her very own Writing Workshop (not that she needs it with her perfect prose) and she wants everyone to know about it!
Iota at Not Wrong, Just Different., who has my utmost admiration for doing a daily post for 30 days and counting now! And it's all quality stuff, no padding with rubbish!



At 9:50 pm , Blogger Iota said...

Glad you've enjoyed it.

Thanks so much for the award. You're too kind!

At 2:00 pm , Blogger Laura C said...

Thanks hun! Chin up indeed...except I'm so tired it's starting to become a part of my neck LOL! Well deserved awards!

At 12:16 pm , Blogger clareybabble said...

Glad you liked the award!
I'm still breastfeeding although B has decided she's a newborn wanting to feed all day! Need to blog about it again soon...

At 10:06 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the award! Hooray. Did you try the chicken nuggets? I'm always interested in getting new spice ideas (my Mum tends to throw together anything and everything with gross results so I can't ask her for advice unless I fancy cajun, tandoori and rosemary nuggets).


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