Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Classic Argument

My cousin's current facebook status:

X wants to know whether standing on an upturned plug with bare feet is more or less painful than being hit in the nuts?

some misguided replies:

try it! bloody kills!
06 January at 19:29

its a close call. upturned plugs are a nightmare
06 January at 19:30

less id say mate depends on size of nuts pmsl
06 January at 19:32

Wot about bein hit in the nuts by an upturnd plug?
06 January at 21:01

My reply:

in that case the eternal argument of whether childbirth or getting hit in the nuts is more painful is over. Standing on a plug is like being kissed by a fairy compared to childbirth you bloody wuss!

What would you have replied?


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