Friday, November 17, 2006

Almost mortified

***All family members of a nervous disposition please be warned. The following post contains very mild, but very funny, references to my sex life. Read on at your peril/amusement.

In bed the other night with HID*, chatting. We talked about the following topics, in the following order:
  • my mum had called for me, I wasn't in.
  • how busy we both are (how much we miss spending time together).
  • how happy and satisfied we both are with our sex-life. (We're a new-age couple, not afraid to talk about that kind of thing)
  • how it is such a shame that when we are busy, our sex-life has to take a bit of a back seat, not having time/being tired and all.

HID then said, and I kid you not: "I was talking to you mum about it before...."

Followed by me in a high pitched screech: "What?"

Is it just me, or would you also have assumed, bleaders, from the above comment by HID that he has been jovially discussing our sex life over the phone with my mother? Mortified doesn't even cover it. Fortunately, he was in fact discussing our current busy-ness with his MIL*. Thank goodness.


*HID=him indoors

*MIL=mother in law


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