Thursday, June 04, 2009

Belated awards...sorry

It's awards time, wooo! I've finally gotten round to posting up all the lovely awards that you lovely bloggers have given me of late. Now, having already received the lovely blog award from Emily, I'd like to direct you here to read my current obsessions, which are mush the same as before! And leaves me to say thanks to Sandy, and Clare, and Tasha for the "One Lovely Blog" award, thank you so much! Please can everyone reading check out the latest posts on their un-put-downable (if that's applicable to laptops) blogs.

Lemonade award: Thank you again to Sandy for this award, and here is how my attitude of gratitude came about. I was a late bloomer in terms of romance, and I (and society) had convinced myself by age 14 that I was never going to get married or have children, no body wanted me. What little patience I had! I am now pleased to say that at the young age of 24, I really do have all I ever dreamed of (including a new vegetable patch that my really dreamboat whipped up for me this weekend). To have a family of my own is really the most wonderful thing. And moreso, I have found I have made some lovely friends as a result of the condition in which I currently find myself (i.e. a pregnant mum-of-one), to whom I'm so grateful for their continued help and support. I'm also grateful for the new way in which my mum shows her love for me: by in turn loving her grandson. But my husband is the real trophy here, I really do not know what I'd do without him in my life. Love you x

Next up is the honest scrap award thanks to the wife of bold. The rule is 10 facts, but here are 6 long ones I hope will whet your appetite.
  1. I had my very first kiss at the tender, and very late by most standards, age of seventeen. I lost my virginity to that same man a few months later. Three years on, were were married, and I've never wanted another man since. (Except perhaps Ewan McGregor). I'm hoping to instill this value into my children. If you wait long enough, you may just hit the jackpot first time!
  2. 99% of my extended family, both mum's and dad's side, live within walking distance of my house. I don't see them enough. Shamefully, there are people I have not seen since my sister's 21st in March, and probably won't see again until the new baby comes and they want to meet him/her. Unless I bump into them in tescos.
  3. I don't like tomatoes unless they are chopped up in a sauce. Tomato-based pasta sauces are however a staple part of my diet. And I am currently growing about 20 small tomato plants.
  4. I never read any parenting books when I was pregnant with my first baby, just magazines full of tripe and pregnancy manuals. Now that I've read/am reading some wonderful ones (baby-led weaning, the attachment parenting book, three in a bed) for baby number two, I wonder why. We could have had a much more contented early baby-hood.
  5. I believe that we are all bi-sexual, it's just a case of who you fall in love with first.
  6. I can't sleep naked.I feel so exposed! I must have on at least a pair of knickers, socks too if you've got them. Happiest in thick fleecy pajamas and quilt coming up to my chin. (Couldn't sleep without a quilt!) A contradictory problem is that I get very hot in bed at night; perhaps a cause-effect relationship....
And for the winners: I'm just going to list some worthy bloggers here, please pick the one that would complement your blog most! Sorry it's a short list, I'm a bit of a technophobe, adding all this links has got me losing the will to live! Ha ha.


At 9:21 pm , Blogger The wife of bold said...

Wow how lucky are you to have met THE one first time sweet and your right to want to instill that into your kids, i'll be trying the same :)

At 9:37 pm , Blogger amy said...

Thank you for the award! I will take the honest scrap, as i am probably that lol! x

At 7:56 am , Blogger SandyCalico said...

I loved reading more about you, and well done on all the awards.
Looking forward to reading your recommended blogs too x

At 7:25 pm , Blogger clareybabble said...

Loved reading your facts. Congrats on all the awards x

At 8:48 pm , Blogger clareybabble said...

I've tagged you over at mine.. x


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