Monday, June 01, 2009

Tips on eco-watering a thirsty garden

Sorry for the infrequent posting, we're having a busy time, socially, at the moment! I'm as surprised as you are, believe me. The calendar's pretty chocka for June too! May post more about a particularly stressful children's birthday party soon. But the subject tonight is the scorching weather that has seen me get overly paranoid about hats and suncream (not just Boy, but redheaded HID and freckly me too), have to search through vacuum bags for summer clothes, and eventually need a trip to Asda for short-sleeved vests, t-shirts and shorts for my Boy.

But as well as that, I've been worrying about my juvenile vegetable garden, which seems to need watering at least twice a day. I hate using water straight out of the tap for the garden, and we don't have a rain-butt as there is no room in our small garden (it was either that or a compost bin, we opted for the bin). So here are my tips for recycling water around the house.

  • if you have a fish tank, like us, do a water change, and use the dirty water on the garden.
  • keep a bucket in the bathroom and use old bathwater in the garden. In Lush Times this month, it recommends warm soapy water to discourage greenfly on plants.
  • we have a dripping tap that is on the "to-do" list, so I keep a jug under it when the sink isn't in use.
  • keep a watering can in the kitchen and fill it with the following things:
  • water used to boil or steam vegetables, eggs, fish etc.
  • when you rinse out a dish cloth or sponge, squeeze it into the watering can/plants on your kitchen windowsill.
  • when you rinse out tins/bottles etc for recycling, pour the second rinse into the watering can.
  • my Boy has water with his meals, and he often has messy hands/mouth when using the cup, so it can't always be re-used, even if it's still half full of water, so I pour the remainder into the watering can, and pop the cup in the dishwasher. (which has an eco setting! Don't worry!)
Anyone got any other ideas?

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At 9:59 pm , Blogger clareybabble said...

Excellent water saving tips! It's been on my mind lately what with the paddling pool needing filling up every 5 minutes! We use the water to water the plants but some does get wasted and it really annoys me!

At 11:00 am , Blogger Coding Mamma (Tasha) said...

Great tips, thank you. Our garden is really suffering from our water guilt.

At 4:23 pm , Blogger Dancinfairy said...

We borrowed a water syphon thingy that helps you take the bath water, via a hose out of the bathroom window, onto your garden. It was hilarious fun trying to get it to work but our vegetables got a great soaking and I feel better because I am pregnant and addicted to baths but hate to think of how much water I am using. So we plan on getting one to use this summer.

At 2:44 am , Blogger allgrownup said...

DancinFairy: what a fab idea! We have a siphon thingy for the fish tank, would be much easier than sitting on a stool with a jug and a bucket! Will give it a try, thank you. Not long enough to go out of the window though, bucket still required, just not constant supervision....


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