Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Chuffed to bits....

I'm rather pleased today to have been given this "Lovely Blog" award by Emily at Maternal Tales from the South Coast, so thank you very much!

Really, I'm finding it a bit of a buzz to know that people read and even enjoy my little blog!

So, as the rules go, I'm to pass this on to five blogs that I enjoy. First, to JK at West of the Pennines for her new and eloquently heartwarming blog. And to More than Just a Mother for making me cry as well as smile.
Moaning Mum who's blog makes me feel "normal", even on a bad day. Also, A Midwife's Muse, which I really enjoy reading (but I'm pregnant and thus slightly biased!). And finally, Alex at DaddaCool for observations that make me laugh out loud.

The rules also state that I spill a bit of my soul in current obsessions and pet hates.

My five current obsessions:
1. The British Mummy Bloggers site.
2. Dr Sears' Attachment Parenting theories, which I can't wait to try out with my newborn, when s/he arrives!
3. Organising playdates & sure start children's centres : I'm finding it very hard to leave the house on my crutches, I've got to keep my sanity somehow!
4.Cooking from scratch: fallen by the wayside slightly this week gone, as been a little under the weather.
5. Growing my own vegetables for the first time ever.

My five pet hates:
1. Child-deadlines: "18 months eh? You should be starting potty training with him!", "Little Daniel has started walking! Yes, he's only 10 months old! Your son was 17 months, wasn't he?"
2. Un-chivalrous people (not just men): who watch me struggle to open a door when on crutches, with my arm in a cast, a baby in a sling, and a pregnant bump. I'm not that much of a feminist!!
3. Not being able to play on the floor with my son, or go out to hone his new walking skills, and him not understanding why....
4.People who DON'T HAVE CHILDREN parking in parent & child bays.... I could bite them to death.
5. Feeling "left out" even as an adult: "What, you don't drink EVER?!", "What do you mean you don't like tea of coffee?", "You don't watch any soaps? Not even Corrie?", and the weird peer pressure that goes with it.

Hope you enjoyed it!

Update: also hate people who are late. If I can mange to be on time, which includes getting baby ready on time, so can you!


At 8:31 pm , Blogger clareybabble said...

No.4 makes me seeth! I'm always checking peoples cars fo baby seats!

At 8:53 pm , Blogger JK said...

Ooh, thanks for the plug. I now have an image in my head of you munching someone to death for parking in a parent-tot bay. I once challenged someone though and it turned out they were disabled and all the disabled spaces were full...

At 3:44 pm , Blogger allgrownup said...

JK, I almost did the same thing! I was following him round the bays, him in front, both looking for one, me giving death-ray evils. Turns out he had an elderly relative in the car.


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