Saturday, May 09, 2009

Batch Cook-a-thon

Yesterday, during nap times (as my Boy is NOT the sort of child to allow me to do this while he is awake), I prepared all the vegetables I would need to make vast quantities for our evening meal, so I could freeze and extra grown-up portion for HID and I, and a few for the Boy too. But HID called and pleaded "library" (his dissertation is in in a week), and I didn't feel right eating a lovely meal without him. Annabel Karmel got the ratios wrong,and I ended up with double the amount of mince to mash for shepherd's pie, so I chucked in some leftover passata and oregano and called it bolognese. After my Boy was in bed for the night, I set to baking as well, having organised a picnic for Sunday for mums I've met locally. So I also made cheese straws and fruity oat biscuits. The kitchen floor is still a flour-bath, and baking trays are piled teeteringly high by the sink, but the cleaner comes today,so hey-ho.

At 9.30pm last night, I realised the last thing I'd eaten was cheese on biscuits at 5pm while the Boy shared, and decided I had better make some tea. Not being able to face more cooking, I opted for beans on toast. After staring blankly and defeatedly into the cupboard at beans for thirty seconds, I changed my mind....cereal it is.



At 2:18 pm , Blogger Margarita said...

Good job on the cooking. I can never get myself to freeze food, I'm just too lazy!

At 9:55 pm , Blogger Maternal Tales said...

Ha ha - I knew you were an uber Mummy!! Well I was going to write that..until I read your last comment! Aaah - you're just human after all. Cereal in the evening sounds just about my level! x

At 7:33 am , Blogger allgrownup said...

I always make at least double quantities of everything for the freezer! Trying my best to keep my Boy away from junk food, so must have a freezer packed with health junk, urgh! Maternal Tales: you will be pleased to know the cookies were crap! And haven't even tried the shepherd's pie yet....made a korma from scratch too last night (and half the bloody day...) and that was a bit rubbish too. Whoever said to be a good cook all you need is to be able to read!! I followed the recipe to the letter! Grrrrr.


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