Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Good things

Here are some things that have made my week so far (including the weekend just gone)
  • Finding £1 on the road right outside my car door. It probably fell out of my own pocket last time I used the car, but I was still chuffed.
  • Crazy HID and Boy deciding it would be a great idea to paddle in the freezing Blackpool sea on Sunday as I looked on from my wheelchair safely warm and dry. A passing Asian lady and her pre-schooler exclaimed in mock horror at the scene in a foreign tongue, goes to show, toddlers and Daddies are crackers in all cultures. Her son then handed her his shoes and raced to join them. Much eye rolling ensued between us. We only had a spare nappy with us, so I was glad HID thought to strip him to his vest, which we later discarded, and glad HID had volunteered his hoody as a makeshift towel, although what onlookers must have thought of us toweling down a shivering naked child on a cloudy day with a jumper, I dread to think.
  • Going to feed the ducks today, and being pleasantly surprised to see my first ever baby moor hens,which were just black fluff really, but very cute. Even Boy approved. And the bread we threw on the water was ignored by the ducks, but spookily span and rippled from underneath as what must have been some very large fish snacked on it. This reminded me strongly of childhood trips to parks with my Granddad, a keen fisherman, who would always take us to feed the fish, rather than the ducks.
  • A considerate neighbor asking us if we minded him chopping down a small tree that was destroying his wall, and only starting his noisy work at 9am, and being finished for tea time each day. (With a small child still having daytime naps, this was by no means convenient, but definitely considerate.)
  • Seeing my Boy delight in playing and un-prompted game of peekaboo with another 18 month old, and having their squeals of hilarity make it extremely difficult to suppress a giggle, much less a smile.
  • Having the beginnings of a cold, but knowing it won't get worse, as it never has since I had Boy, as if my body knows I don't have time to be properly ill anymore. And enjoying the benefits that go with family colds: co-sleeping with our son, the only time he allows us cuddles. He slept from 1am til 5am last night in between us, on top of the covers, no blanket, on his front with his nappy-clad bottom in the air. So cute I could laugh out loud if I wouldn't wake him doing so.
  • Feeling some spectacularly big kicks from new baby, that are so powerful they wake me at night. And having hubby tell me that the tame one he just felt seems like baby is going for a jog in there.
  • Watching my Boy feeding his dolly some of his water, complete with him doing a pretend drinking noise on her behalf.
  • Both HID and I getting our first ever willingly given cuddles from our son, him on Monday and me on Tuesday.
  • Loving reading "Three in a Bed" by Deborah Jackson, and wondering why I'd ever considered doing anything but sleeping with my baby. Who had this stupid idea that tiny infants are safe/better off sleeping alone in cages in dark, cold rooms, rather than at mother's side? The Victorians have a lot to answer for!
So far, so good, wouldn't you say?


At 3:42 pm , Blogger clareybabble said...

You've packed lots in this week already!! I found a pound the other day too. Such a small amount of money these days but still put a big grin on my face! x

At 5:20 pm , Blogger SandyCalico said...

What a wonderful week. My second baby kicked so much I thought he was salsa dancing! When they cuddle back it's magical :-)

At 4:03 pm , Anonymous Laura McIntyre said...

It sounds like a wonderful week, i love watching my kids mix with others . Its always magical


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