Thursday, May 07, 2009

In the Garden

Today, Boy and I spent "winge o'clock" (i.e. that horrible time between teatime and bedtime, when you've run out of ideas and your child is impossible to entertain anyway) in the garden.

My boy delighted in running through the vests hanging low on the washing line, squealing with pleasure when the wind blew his hair off his forehead, and pushing a toy truck, painstakingly hand loaded with stones chucked in one by one.

Whereas I delighted in digging at the bottom of our compost bin for sumptuous, perfect compost for the first time ever, to go into our huge, jelly-mould-esq vegetable planters, see above. I am ridiculously proud of our homemade mud, and find it slightly amazing that such nourishing soil is the result of persistently nagging HID (and MIL, when she was living here full time) to please, not put banana skins, tea bags and egg shells in the kitchen bin!! Not only have we reduced our rubbish by god only knows how much, but we have ooodles of free compost to show for it. I really am quite chuffed, and hope that activities such as composting will be second nature to my Boy, as I grew up reminding my parents "that can be recycled,you know..." and that was only as I got older.

Also pictured above: can't be bothered with gorgeous, yet over-priced strawberry planters? Make your own out of what you have, like I did! (Idea blatantly nicked from a book). Plus, my pumpkin plants in the new mini greenhouse, and plum tomato seedlings doing well.

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At 8:28 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hate that time of day as well - it seems to go by pretty quick, but it's always "what do i do now...?"

At 9:02 pm , Blogger allgrownup said...

oh God,it drags on forever in our least until Daddy gets home!

At 9:24 pm , Blogger Maternal Tales said...

Ooh sounds like you're turning into an uber Mummy (hey maybe you always were one)!! Like the planting...well done!

Also, come on over and join us at
It's a great place to hang out and meet other bloggers and I told them you were coming!! x

At 11:02 am , Blogger allgrownup said...

Ha, uber Mummy?? Don't think so, more of a Slummy Mummy methinks :-) more fun that way. Thanks for the tip, I might put forward a piece for the bloggers carnival, is there anything you especially enjoyed that I should enter? New to all this!

At 11:42 am , Blogger Maternal Tales said...

Yeah - go on in and sign up - As for the carnival - anything that creates debate is a good one - or anything that gets people talking - 'Bump Envy' is good because everyone has a story to tell about their own bump! x

At 5:23 pm , Blogger Laura - Are We Nearly There Yet Mummy? said...

We call it whinge o clock too. Any time between 4 and bedtime seems to fit into that category.

Just found you on British Mummy Bloggers. Will stick you on my blogroll

At 9:02 am , Anonymous slugs on the refrigerator said...

we call it the witching hour...but the principle is the same wherever you are.

And hurray for compost...simply miraculous.

At 1:29 pm , Blogger Almost Mrs Average said...

I absolutely love your strawberry planter and will most definitely be trying that out his year. Thanks so much for the link :-)


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