Friday, August 07, 2009

Fastest pasta in the west


Pasta: enough to feed your family. Tagliatelle is nice and looks posh, for little ones, fusilli is possibly easiest to pick up.

Green pesto: one or two tablespoons, according to taste. (can use red, but green matches with the peas :-) )

Frozen peas: as above!

Philadelphia cream cheese (or supermarket alternative): as above!

Cheese: large handful grated. We use mature cheddar, try mild if you prefer or parmasan

Onion: 1/2 to one, finely chopped

Mushrooms: handful, sliced

(If really short on time,leave out these last two ingredients,as chopping takes up time)


Fry onion & mushrooms in olive oil or similar.

Cook pasta.

Add frozen peas to onions & mushrooms, cook for 5 mins.

Add cream cheese too pan, melt a little & stir in pesto.

Add pasta & stir.

Put into bowls & sprinkle on cheese.

Hey pesto! A pasta meal in under 10 mins. Great for those little ones who decide they are starving to death as soon as you open the kitchen mine. You can even get them chopping mushrooms with a safe knife while you get everything ready!




At 10:22 am , Blogger miss leslieanne said...

That sounds delicious!
Definitely going to give it a whirl :)

At 10:31 am , Blogger Laura - Are We Nearly There Yet Mummy? said...

I LOVE pesto. I shall be trying this one

I have a fast bacon, basil and tomato sauce.

At 11:48 am , Blogger Cave Mother said...

Putting in cream cheese is an interesting idea. Might try it.

At 6:33 pm , Blogger Pink Starfish said...

How bizarre, my little one has been chopping mushrooms this week with a safe knife of course, I thought I was bonkers but he loves it!! He's done exceptionally well too!

At 2:30 pm , Blogger SandyCalico said...

Sounds delicious! Will be trying this one :-)

At 9:47 am , Blogger Insomniac Mummy said...

I've never given Big E pesto as yet. Might have to give thgis a whirl sometime!


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