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I've finally managed to sort out whatever horrible mistake I made when editing my blog template, yey! Of course, that's thanks to the British Mummy Blogger's site, ask a stupid question, and you will get a helpful answer. And nobody thinks you're stupid. (Or at least they don't say it out loud...). So I've got a new look around here! But I've lost some of the changes I made, such as my blogroll, so I will try and edit them back in as and when I can.

Now I can get back to posting! There is a little question I've been wanting to ask my readers.My cesarean section is about 6 weeks away (I get a firm date in 2 weeks), and I was wondering if anyone out there (or your partner) has had a cesarean? What can I do to make it a positive birth experience? Have you any tips,for the day itself, and the recovery? Anything you wish you'd known/asked about/done differently?

I do plan to have my gown on backwards, so we can have skin to skin contact straight away, the screen lowered at the moment of birth, a midwife take a photograph....and for the recovery, I've bought arnica tablets and cream, my fabulous mother is taking my toddler out of my hair 7am-lunchtime, 5 days a week for 8 weeks, and my mother-in-law is staying with us in some of the early days to help too. Any other suggestions?



At 7:59 pm , Blogger Kat said...


This could get long as I have so much to say about c-sections. I will try to keep it short! I've had two, one 'emergency' and one planned.

Before: get a good, professional wax and trim - I did my own and gave myself a cringeworthy muff-heican (Mr Kat and I giggled a lot). As you're on the 'elective' list, be prepared to wait (hungry) for hours and even to be sent home if it is busy (they don't tell you this!).

During: Make it lovely in the theatre, we had such a fabulous experience with our second as everyone was in such a good mood - joyous is the word which springs to mind! Music, jokes, chatting all made it a great atmosphere - after all it is a special occassion. You can do s2s with gown on forwards as it undone before you lie, I was BF Mstr M & taking my own photos whilst being stitched up! Removing one arm can help.

Recovery: Drink water, lots. Get up as soon as you can and keep doing so as it really helps you post-op. You will be given pain killers at regular intervals, very easy to just take them without questioning if you need them right then. If they have them a clip-on cot is a real help and makes feeding in bed easy. May sound daft but showering everyday makes a big difference to how you feel post op.

Once home: Keep active but take it easy - does that make sense? Naps are really helpful in the first few weeks.

Sounds like you really do have it well covered and I hope you have a wonderful birth, you DESERVE to.

K xxx

At 8:00 pm , Blogger Kat said...

PS - Mr Kat says keep the actual date to yourselves (as far as you can) as everyone loves a surprise xx

At 11:07 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, you sound super organised - I'm impressed. x

At 7:35 pm , Blogger Juicytots said...

I've had two elective c-sections after my first "natural" birth (I use the term loosely, as there wasn't much natural about it!)

Don't be frightened or worried, they look after you so well. I thought the recovery would be horrendous but I found it fine. Both times I was discharged after 48 hours and drove after 4 weeks. I was also suprised at how small and neat the scar was and how low down!
I breastfed my dd skin to skin in the recovery room straight after and the recovery nurse was fab at helping me. I found the whole experience such a contrast to my first birth which was very traumatic.

Good luck, you will be fine :)


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