Saturday, August 08, 2009

Friday feeling

Yes, I know it's Saturday! But I'm home alone (well, not counting a sleeping small boy and belly moving like an octopus in a large water balloon) and checking my emails, looking at the British Mummy Bloggers site (click the badge on the right) and on facebook, generally wasting sufficient time before bed that would suggest a bedtime of a woman in her early twenties and not a pensioner, and I got all excited! I'm having that Friday feeling all over again (would have possibly only had it once if I'd checked my emails yesterday), I had an email from Joanne Mallon, who has kindly, oh so kindly, included me in her Friday Roundup, and I'm more than a bit pleased, thank you Joanne. Do have a visit, there are some fab posts up, not least one prompting (yet another) breastfeeding debate (quite heated!!) in the comments section, well worth a read. Whatever is the world coming to? Well, I had to leave my two pence.....

(By the way, Joanne did make a small error, which is in the process of being fixed, that I had my new baby on Thursday....don't worry! I'm still with bump, no plans to deliver this side of four weeks from now :-) )

I've also been receiving tutorials about using Stumbled Upon into my email box too, and I've just caught up with those so far. I am a bit clueless about technology like this really, but thought I'd give it a go, it's fab! Like channel hopping, infinitely entertaining for the attention-deficit-ed among us, and great when you only really have five minutes of me time, not long enough to realistically sort emails or do anything of real worth while online. So a bit of fun! I'm slowly getting the hang of it (like I said, I'm a bit dense on these matters, I'm sure in reality it's very simple to add the toolbar) and do recommend you to try it! While you're there, why not add me as a friend? As a new user, I am a bit lonely....I've just added the thumbs up button above the British Mummy Bloggers badge, so if you like a particular post that you've read (or will read in future!), please give me a little thumbs up by clicking the button. It will be very much appreciated! I know some of my readers who are also part of the BMB are on there too, I'm slowly getting round to "thumbing up" all my favourite blogs, it's quite good fun!


At 9:29 pm , Blogger Maternal Tales said...

Hello darling. Sorry have been lacking in the commenting department recently...real life seems to have got in the way!!! But I'm all back now. Love the new look of your blog (am I really late in saying that)?? Anyway, have just added you as a friend in StumbleUpon - am such a technophobe too - can't quite understand it, but I'm trying!

Can't believe you've only got 4 weeks to go....aaaarrrghhh. Hope you're feeling ok. I send you a big hug xxxxxxxx

At 10:03 pm , Blogger miss leslieanne said...

I saw that post & did a double take - I know you posted about packing your hospital bag, but I didn't think you were checking in *just* yet!

enjoy your friday feeling - it's a good thing whatever day it is :)

At 12:14 am , Blogger Soph4Soph said...

hiya, I just thought i'd pop by to say you WON the "caption" blog comp!!! congratulations! COuld you possibly email me at so I can sort out sending you your Kinky bib!!!
Thanks so much, Natalie xxx

At 7:59 am , Blogger allgrownup said...

Natalie: wooooo! So excited! I love your products! I've never won anything,except a pass the parcel! Thank you x
Emily: thanks for adding me! Although I've no idea where to "view" my friend's list. Hmmm. SPD taken a dive over the weekend, and got a little man with bronchiolitis all on my own today :-(. He just wants to be carried,and I'm too ill now! Grrr.

At 10:33 am , Blogger The wife of bold said...

Sorry it's been so long since i commented - i've had hair disasters and birthdays to deal with argh! Glad to hear your still baking the little one but surely baby's nearly done now? Bet you can't wait, the last few weeks are just the worst, so uncomfortable. Congrats on being featured, i'll be sure to go and check it out :)
Ps i haven't been brave enough to attempt stumble yet but when i do i'll be heading over here to ask for some adive!

At 10:18 am , Blogger cartside said...

I've only just come across your blog. I haven't figured out how stumble upon works yet, but will try and add you as a friend.


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