Friday, August 14, 2009

Star Wars

Hopefully the title of this post will have lured in any Star Wars fans, as this really is unmissable. Descovering the delight of Stumbled Upon, you really must add it and check it out (a start could be to click on the thumbs up button at the side of this post), I stumbled upon these pictures. They are just so funny! The cast of Star Wars as you've never seen them before! I'm not a hardcore fan, i.e. I couldn't tell you the storyline, but I love the characters, action & the jokes. This is the same attitude I have to many films, like the Bourne films, X-Men films, Indiana Jones films....I just like to be entertained, rather than having to switch my brain on! Anyway, enjoy x


At 2:14 pm , Blogger Maternal Tales said...

Still can not get to grips with StumbleUpon, but I'll take your word for it. Twitter took me forever, so I live in hope! Love the characters. Thanks for that x


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