Thursday, October 01, 2009

All by myself (with two under twos)

The end of the week is looming. HID has been off work, helping with the babies, for almost a month, and on Monday, he returns. Frankly, I'm dreading it. Coincidentally, my Mum is also on holiday that same week, so no seeking solace at her place then. I'm still not feeling 100%, even after a month's rest, my pelvic disorder is still raging. I'm loads better, but a trip to the corner shop is a massive challenge, and takes half the day too. This leads me to conclude that I shall be entertaining two under twos all week within the confines of our house, as post-c-section, I can't even drive. One of them wants to do nothing but sit and feed all day, and the other would consider sitting still a form of torture.

I'm not filled with confidence after the first time I was left alone with both of them. I was feeding the baby, and HID nipped upstairs to the loo. Moments later, Boy was reaching for our huge camera, positioned "out of reach" (a concept that needs to be reviewed) on a shelf. Due to a spectacular over-use of the word "no" by his grandparents (he attempts to drink from a glass [he can actually do this] and Granddad says "nonononononononono no!". Literally.) when I really need the word to have some kind of impact, like when he is about to smash an extremely heavy camera into his face, it has no meaning, and is happily ignored. Cue a screaming toddler and me not being able to leap up quick enough to prevent it. I am hopeful that next week won't be filled with moments such as these.

But as a believer that prevention is better than cure, I'm in the process of arranging several friends to come round to play throughout the week, and enlisting MIL for a couple of lifts to children's centre run activities. But obviously I can't take the mick. I will have to be on my own with them some time!

Had a small trial run today, took both babies to our local breastfeeding network support group, where I could happily sit feeding, and Boy could play with all the toys. Things seemed to go great, and we only had a few minor incidents (which only even register because he was the only toddler, therefore his every move seemed extra noisy and boisterous).

1.) Whilst in the (walk-in) cupboard, he attempted to reach for a toy at the bottom of the box, and *almost* fell in, his feet left the floor several times anyway. I was the only person who didn't see this as cause for alarm. (You should see what he does at home.)

2.) At a particularly quiet moment, upturned an entire box of wooden dolls house people. Everyone looked round to see who was responsible. I had no need to look.

3.) Grabbed my cup of cordial and *almost* accidentally poured the whole lot into my bag. I was impressed that it was only a small splosh due to my now cat-like reactions.

4.) Had a minor "sharing" incident with a much bigger boy.

5.) Honed in on the only Dad in the group, repeatedly handing him plastic zoo animals til they were all gone, much to the poor guy's bewilderment.

6.) *Almost* stood on two separate baby's heads, several times. Those babies obviously don't have older siblings at home.

All while I was pinned to a chair breastfeeding! All in all, better than I could have hoped, he didn't cry or tantrum once :-)

I really don't know how Amy from and1moremeans4 does it. She's amazing. Congratulations to her on her pregnancy news! One of the mums I saw today told me about a lady I had thought previously MUST be an urban legend, but who was actually in the bed opposite her in hospital. A lady with 6 boys at home, who had "gone for the girl" and found herself pregnant with triplets! Luckily, they were all girls, and she was delighted. Well, fertility does increase with every child you have, watch out Amy! I wonder if Amy is going for the netball team, or if she fancies a blue one this time :-) very well done to her x



At 8:10 am , Blogger amy said...

awww you're so kind :) You will be fine once you find your feet and you are very clever to enlist help and entertainment for your little one, i had no help with my second, hubby went back to work after a week and i was all alone, same with number 3 and 4 :(

I would love a boy and the triplet story???? OMG if it turns out to more than one i have no idea where i would put the other in my already squished house lol! If it is a girl then i won't be dissapointed as long as baby is healthy thats all that matters.

At 7:17 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is terrifying trying to cope with two under two at home, I think it does get easier, not so much because they get older and better behaved but because our tolerance for chaos increases drastically.

Don't rush yourself, I had a normal delivery this time and I didn't feel like 'me' or a competent mum for a couple of months (I now know I'm not competent but I fake it :-)).

If you ever want a shoulder to cry on about the horrors of your eldest shouting BOOB when you breast feed at the doctors feel free to message me.

Ellen. x


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