Monday, September 28, 2009

Trolley dash game!

Now that I've perfected the art of breastfeeding one-handed, I'm free to waste my time on the laptop however I like! Susanna from BMB alerted me to thistrolley dash game on Tesco's new Greener Living site. It's so funny! And it teaches you about greener living. I bet all your little monsters would love to have a go! Better have a go yourself first, just to test it out ;-)


At 10:14 am , Anonymous Caroline said...

Guessing you fancy a copy of the Sarah Beeny book, then?!

At 11:02 am , Blogger allgrownup said...

I love Sarah Beeny! I have a girl-crush on her!

At 5:03 pm , Anonymous Caroline said...

Me too, never miss Property Ladder on the TV - even watch the repeats sometimes (God, that makes me really sad, doesn't it!?) x Glad things are going well with the new arrival x


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