Friday, September 25, 2009

C-section: the pros

I could go on about how great my birth was, but I'll save that for another post. What I will tell you today is what has been my favourite thing so far about having a surgical over a natural birth. With my last baby, I suffered such trauma physically that sex was the last thing on my mind for the best part of six months. Well, actually, it wasn't, but however much I wanted to, it wasn't worth the pain. And it's not very romantic to say; "hold that thought honey, I'll just get the local anesthetic gel." even after a whole tube, it was still time to grit my teeth, at least for the first few minutes.
Today, our daughter is three weeks old. And guess what we got up to last night?! It has helped that she is a much more settled baby than our son was.
I hadn't realised, after a physically demanding pregnancy that literally dictated how far I could open my legs for the past six months, how much I'd missed my husband. And sex! The physical closeness it brings. And it's still as fantastic as it always was :-)
Just slightly quicker and quieter than usual. But after six months and with a sleeping newborn in a bedside cot next to us, can you blame us?!


At 9:01 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

oooh hadnt thought of it like this!

Mr has been put off a bit since our NCT lady told him to 'saturate my cervix with semen' to get labour going lol!!!

At 9:13 pm , Blogger allgrownup said...

ha ha! that's a bit clinical! apparently, it's more effective taken orally...HID delighted. not that I obliged ;-)

At 7:58 am , Anonymous Laura McIntyre said...

Im not so sure how much of it comes down to section vs natural as more the type of birth.
With my first i was like you , in so much pain it was unreal. When pregnant the second time it was not labour i dreaded but the afterwards, well afterwards i felt nothing. Was completely fine , we resumed activity less than 2 weeks after she was born.

3rd was a mix of both , sort of my own fault i think as i got back up and at it to quick . My son was only about 4 hours old and i was cleaning the house. I still hurt now and then from that.

Congrats on having fun though lol

At 11:05 am , Blogger allgrownup said...

Laura; you're probably right, my natural birth wasn't exactly run of the mill! 2 weeks though, fabulous going, wow.


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