Thursday, September 24, 2009

Learner Breastfeeder

I thought I'd share with you some of the public places that I've so far bared my boobs, since, as a learner, I'm not shy as such but worried about fluffing it up in public, and having a screaming newborn on-off-on-off the boob. Neither fun nor sociable.

1.) An emergency feed in a newsagent's car park on the way to a special bra shop for nursing mums. At half past three. That is, school chuck out time. Yes, the shop was filled with pre-pubescent boys. I furtively glanced up from under my eyelashes, daring one of them to shout something about tits. Not one of them gave me a second look.

2.) Mothercare breastfeeding facilities. Which was the ladies loos with a sofa/bench in it. Which meant HID had to stay outside. The changing facilities were in the ladies too. Useful. It wasn't comfortable, but better than the car, and the music was good!

3.) My mum's. My step-dad quickly excused himself to his office.

4.) A country pub at lunchtime. My mum had the Boy, and we went out. We chose a booth in the corner, next to some retired ladies lunching, who were most pleased to be in Missis' company. She struggled to latch on and fussed and cried. Our food came. I decided to continue....

5.) In the car in the car park outside the pub, opposite a carfull of collage-age youths. (male). She fed well. My food went cold.

6.) Starbucks, in a comfy chair. Had to hobble upstairs, as students had nicked all the comfy chairs downstairs. Good music, and getting better at latching on in public and not showing too much nipple.

7.) At my house, but with friends, a couple and their 23m old. Who now thinks I provide milk for the whole world. And openly observed how I put my baby to my breast in that wonderfully curious and innocent way only children can.

Tomorrow, I will be feeding at a training course for b/f helper volunteers that I'm taking. I'm sure they will be a supportive audience.



At 7:10 pm , Blogger JK said...

Yay... militant breastfeeding.

At 8:42 pm , Blogger Laura C said...

Glad to read you're still going at it! I was a bit scared about BF in public, but soon got over it. If your baby needs to feed, your baby needs to feed. I do find it quite funny when the toddlers at playgroup look over and come and have a stare. So innocent! At least ur mothercare had a sofa/bench! Mine had a stool and was right next to the nappy bin.

At 8:50 pm , Blogger clareybabble said...

I breastfed B at my sister's wedding. There were a few of the staff who asked if I wanted to go somewhere private but I said I was quite happy where I was!!
There's an award for you over at mine but I promise you don't have to do anything with it! xx

At 9:47 pm , Blogger Juicytots said...

Yay for you! My memories include trying to reach forward to grab a muslin from the pushchair seat which I had parked in front of me whilst feeding in the ELC whilst ds played with the train table. My baby dd unlatched choking and my boob sprayed out like a shower head, by the time I grabbbed the muslin my trousers were soaked, it was so embarrasing!
I found I got better with practice at not exposing myself. Glad to read you have managed to continue with it, as I know from reading previous posts that it something that was very important to you.

At 10:49 am , Anonymous Kim said...

I think Starbucks is my favourite!

At 6:15 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've never worried about people seeing my bits (having a room full of people gathered ariund your nether regions trying to un-stick the half born baby puts paid to modesty!) but I always worry that people will either think I am doing it to prove a point or that Ciaran will refuse to latch on and make it look as if I am flashing my boobs for no reason other than loving being a flasher lol!

My least favourite one was the only time I took the kids to a church mums and babies group, had to sit on a kiddies table feeding Ciaran (at least we were all girls together tho!) and then the vicar walked in. Fab.


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