Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cat; free to a good home!

This is not something I wanted to do, but recently, we found out that Boy has asthma (he's been hopitalised three times, first aged six months, terrifying) and so the time has come to re-home our cat.

My first thought was to offer her to all my lovely blog readers. Are you little ones nagging you for a pet this Christmas? Here is a little about Maisy.

We adopted Maisy when she was about a year old, which would make her around age seven. But she is still very pertty and playful, the photos don't really do her justice! We chose her because she was very affectionate when we looked round the shelter, and such a gorgeous tabby coat. We think she may have had a troubled start to life, as she sucks her tumb. No joke. When she is happy on your lap, in goes the paw for a good suck.

When we got her, she was chipped, neutered and vaccinated. Since then, we have kept up with flea treatments as a preventative measure, but she's never needed worming, and only visited the vet once, for a swollen cat-bite from the neighbourhood bully, which was resolved with antibiotics.

Maisy is surprisingly tolerant of very young children, and it takes a lot of punishment from Boy for her to relaliate, and she gives warnings apleanty for adult intervention. But I'd love her to retire to a family with older children so she can have a rest from all that. Although we do need a home for her, even if you do have toddlers.

Basics now; she is happy to use either a litter tray or go outside, as per your preference, and is happy to stay out all day or night if you wish her to. But she loves nothing more than a cuddle. She really is a lap cat. She'd be more than happy in a flat for example, as long as she got a bit of attention. She does not have expensive tastes, and refuses all manner of branded catfoods, prefering only supermarket's own in jelly. It doesn't matter which supermarket, she's tried and enjoyed asda, tesco and morrisons.

She travels fairly well, and has visited the Lake District many times. We have all her equipment to accompany her (bowl, carry basket, litter tray etc) so you wouldn't need to buy anything. If you did want Father Christmas to deliver her, we can hang on to her until Christmas eve. It would be ideal if she could be collected from us, unless you are quite close, as the two under twos don't travel quite as well as the cat :-)

We live in the Nort West. Get in touch in the comments box or to

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At 6:46 pm , Blogger TheMadHouse said...

Oh I have tears in my eyes reading that, what a hard thing to do. We have an elderly cat already and I am not sure he would socailize well otherwise we would we would have him. I hope you manage to find a good and loving home. I am also somewhat of an expert on Chest issues in little ones. MaxiMad has been hospitilized many times with transient eposodic wheeze and even ventilation on2 occaions. Have your docs checked Boy's specific antibody levels etc??? Mail me for more information.

At 9:46 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh I am sorry it must be heartbreaking to say goodbye to a pet after such a long time. ((big hug)). Ben is asthmatic but thankfully nothing to worry about (a night cough and that's it).

PS. There is an award for you at my blog.

At 10:00 pm , Blogger MuddynoSugar said...

Hi, would love to help but our cat does not share well with others...and both my girls like to 'play' quite actively..good louck finding a home for Maisy.

At 10:31 pm , Blogger Sandy Calico said...

I would love to take her, but Andy reminded me that since our cat died in July, Presley's asthma has gone completely. I really hope you find a good home for her, she looks like a lovely cat x

At 2:41 am , Blogger allgrownup said...

the mad house; every cold he gets, he stats to wheeze, and we go to hospital/emergency for him to go on a nebulizer. He has an asthmatic cough too. Doctors uneasy officially diagnosing asthma before age 2 for developmental reasons, but have basically said there's no doubt.

world of a mummy; thank you!

muddynosugar & sandy; no luck yet but hopeful.


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