Monday, October 05, 2009

MOSI meet up

Well, the North West British Mummy Bloggers meet up was yesterday, at the Museum of Science and Industry, and I must say it was great. I was quite nervous beforehand, even had a rush to Mothercare the evening before for a nursing top to give me a bit of confidence (more on the crap mothercare range another time), and, most unlike me, dug out my mascara (it had dried up) and lip gloss to make me look a bit more awake, as Missis had been up every half hour from 2am the night before. I introduced myself, babies and HID by our reals names, most strange, and recognised lots of faces, realising that no-one would recognise me. We made the mistake of choosing a seat a bit too far away from everyone else, so we'd have room for a highchair, wish I'd sat closer to everyone else!

The meal we had included a slice of cake, and unfortunately, the cake was highly visible and tempting to Boy on the tray....his lovely roast dinner was left discarded until he'd had a little cake. I wonder what all the mummies thought of me, desert first! He went back to his savory eventually, but was far more interested in my vegetarian meal, thanks for that. Typical. I was very impressed with how long he tolerated sitting in a highchair for, he really was on his best behaviour. He was chattering quite loudly during the little chat by Silvercross though.....everyone else's children were angelic at that point I noticed...

I tried desperately to convince Missis to feed in the sling, so that I could wander round and chat to everyone, and later, enjoy the museum (she feeds for a LOOOOOONG time) but as we all know, you can't make a child do something they don't want to, so after accidentally flashing my bra while rooting in my bag, (what a fab first real-life impression I'm making) we moor up in a corner to feed. But luckily, I wasn't lonely, Josie from sleep is for the weak came to keep us company, and we chatted slings and breastfeeding, and she said lovely comforting things about how it gets easier soon, and how brave I was out in public. Thank you :-) . I forgot to say how much I enjoyed the sleep deprivation carnival, especially now Missis is boycotting sleep! Her Kai is so much like our Boy it's spooky....I know just how you feel! Boy started being a bit less "spirited" around 12 months by the way :-)

Gradually, people started to leave to see the museum, people I hadn't even talked to, whoops! I really am sorry. I'm glad Sandy from Baby Baby cornered me early to coo over Missis like she said she would :-) Not Supermum even had a little hold early on. Everyone said goodbye as they passed me on their way out, and I was touched by how many ladies asked me about Missis' weight issues or asked how feeding was going, everyone was so thoughtful. Thank you everyone.I was so taken aback, I kept forgetting to ask everyone how they were, although I did remember to congratulate Amy from and1moremeans4 (or is that 5?!) on her lovely news. Apart from me, she was the last to leave, and was very glad to get chance to tell her in person thanks for getting us all together. As if she hasn't got enough to do, she's kick-starting my social life too! Would have love to have caught up with Parklover, The Wife of Bold and Lindy (Squide is just as gorgeous in real life as Lindy's stunning photos)(forgive me if I've missed anyone)

Eventually, feeding time was over, and we tracked down HID and Boy, who were enjoying the exhibits without us. We only saw two things, the interactive room and transport exhibit, but it was really fabulous. I hope to go again as soon as I'm able to walk a bit better. We had to go home sooner than I would have liked, as HID was starting to worry about my c-section scar, rightly so I suppose, with all that walking. Boy had the time of his life! He ran round like a loon, looking and touching, and taking it all in, like a proper little boy! He's not a baby anymore! And his attention-span has improved so much, he really appreciated it all. I hope you enjoy our pictures!



At 1:24 am , Blogger Lindy said...

had a good time too! I went downstairs to get Squidge after her swim lesson and 1/2 the people were gone! I wish I had a chance to chat to everyone. I hope they didn't think I was ignoring them!! Ah well next time!

At 9:35 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had hoped to make it but with due date the following day took up the offer of free grandparental childcare and Sunday dinner. Glad you had a good time, til the next one!


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