Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Good deed of the day

Right guys, today, I'm going to boost your good karma. Here is your good deed for the day. My wonderful friend Faye fell seriously ill last year, and spent months in and out (but mostly in) hospital. She has a daughter who is the same age as Boy, (around 20m), and she missed her desperately, as she's such a devoted mother. She even, heartbreakingly, was in hospital on her daughter's first Christmastime. As a result, her wedding, due to happen this month, was canceled, and their deposits lost. The rest of their savings were eaten up by paying household bills etc, while her husband-to-be took much time off work to care for her and their little girl. Her health is still extremely questionable, but she does all she can to fight it and stay at home being the most wonderful mother she can be to her girl, they adore each other. She and Liam, her husband-to-be, have been entered into a radio competition to win a wedding! Venue, flowers, food, everything! However, she needs votes to win. That's where you come in! I'd consider it a personal favor if you were to click here and vote Faye & Liam. You can do this once a day, til 30th October. (when you read the blurb on her, you will notice she has toned down how seriously ill she is. That's because she doesn't like to complain, and she's a wonderful person, and would want everyone else to have a chance too.) I was also tempted to run a competition, asking you to put the link on your blogs/facebook statuses as entry, offering some lovely prize, but I didn't want it to be construed as cheating by the radio station, so I guess if you wanted to do that, it would be out of the goodness of your heart. But wouldn't it make you feel great to do something so nice?! Please vote Faye & Liam!


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At 12:43 pm , Blogger Sew Scrumptious said...

I've voted too!

At 5:20 pm , Anonymous Caroline said...

Done - and bookmarked to do again tomorrow x


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