Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sky+ Children; a niche market

Wouldn't it be great if children were a bit more like Sky+? I could just pause while I nipped for a wee and know that total devastation would not meet me on my return. Like Sky, you couldn't pause forever, while you went out to get your hair done or anything, but three minutes? Like, enough time to make a sandwich after sitting and feeding Missis to sleep for 40mins (with a grumbling tummy), only for her to wake up as soon as I set foot in the kitchen. While we're at it, fast-forwarding a few of those newborn breastfeeding mammoth sessions would be great. I'm all for staring in adoration at a tiny baby at my breast, but after three hours just out of arms reach of the remote/laptop/mobile/book, it wears a bit thin. Fast-forward tantrums? Yes please. And volume control. I'd love a bit less "BEEP-BEEP! CRASH!" from Boy just as I'm extracting a sleeping Missis from my arms.
But the best facility my Sky+ children would have is the ability for me to record. To record the squeals that Missis makes when her brother gives her a good-morning cuddle, the cuteness of chubby little fingers squeezing mine, to not wipe away a funny facefull of weetabix, record the way a sleeping baby looks, smells, feels, sounds. When Boy was tiny, I wrote down some notes to him, telling him some of my favourite things about the baby he was then. It makes me so sad that looking back at these scribbles less than two years later, I can't understand them. I can't remember the things I mention. I know Missis is my last baby, and I feel like each of her milestones are like dry sand running through my fingers, I want to grasp at everything but I know I'll never remember it all! I just try to enjoy every moment. But I do wish sometimes that children were a bit more like Sky+........


At 2:51 pm , Anonymous Kim@EnjoyTheRide said...

Hahahaha. Priceless

At 3:04 pm , Anonymous Laura McIntyre said...

LOL I think it is a wonderful idea, i would buy it no matter what the cost


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