Thursday, February 11, 2010

Recent findings...

This week, I found a (very old, at least three months) children's portion of vacuum packed (thank god) cheddar cheese in the side pocket of my nappy bag, along with one of two borrowed essential oils (lavender, presumably to combat the cheese smell) from a friend to help me through my cesarean. My baby is 5 months old, and they didn't even allow me to use it in theatre, this should have been returned long ago! Last week, on the way home from slings group, I found one of the children's centre's jigsaw pieces in Boy's coat hood (how???), and this week after slings group, there was a large googly eye stuck to the hem of his trousers. Clearly, he is collecting materials form some sort of craft project. As long as it's not a traffic cone when he's 18, eh?


At 10:36 pm , Blogger Mummy365 said...

Very funny! So true

At 11:49 pm , Blogger Michelle said...

Lol, that was he ultimate kudos when I was at Uni to have a traffic cone, yellow warning light and road sign in your Uni digs!!! Mich x

At 8:51 pm , Blogger JK said...

We had a roadworks sign in the back yard!


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