Monday, February 01, 2010

Top tips for a toddler party

Here is Boy at his 2nd birthday party. The event took place over the weekend, even though he's been two for over a month now! His birthday is on Christmas eve, so we thought it would be nice to postpone his party, and make a proper fuss of him, rather than his big day being forgotten in the rush of Christmas.
I avoided having to pass Missis round like a parcel to all my well meaning relatives by carrying here everywhere, and she was so happy to see what was going on. She the type of baby that smiles for strangers, but as soon as I appear, the tears start in a "Mummy, thank goodness, I can show my ture feelings" kind of way.

He looks so tall in this photo! Maybe I need to turn those turn-ups down again.
We stole a fabulous idea for a toddler part from a friend: hire out a hall and take all your child's large toys (the ones in the shed and under the stairs and in his Nanna's garage) and let the kids go wild. It's cheap, you can invite everyone, and the mess isn't at your house.

But you do still have to clean up the mess.

We also put on a huge fancy dress box. It was great seeing the children running round in tu-tus and suchlike, even the boys!

A wonderful, but crazy, time was had by all. It was early bedtimes all round.

My big boy doing what he does best: tearing round like a loon, eating and socialising.
I was really impressed at how many dads came to the party, I'd expected just mums really, but I was happily introduced to many of my mum friend's partners. Great to see all the dads!

I had the idea of giving out helieum ballons instead of naff party bags as you can see, it didn't go exactly to plan.

The balloons were a big hit though. Before they hit the ceiling.
So here are some tips for a successful toddler party:
Do: set aside an organised place for guests to put gifts.
Don't: end up with a jumble of presents in bags and a Mr Potato Head and a Yo Gabba Gabba doll that you really don't know where they came from to text a quick thank you message.
Do: plan pleanty of time to set up the room on the day, and allow for some guests to show up 15 mins early.
Don't: think half an hour is enough and be up to your eyeballs in play tent pegs when your first guests arrive.
Do: give guests attention while keeping a watchful eye on the birthday boy/girl
Don't: get so busy catching up with your friends that hubby has to inform you your son has been stuck on a ride on tractor for at least 3 minutes (according to the photos he took) shouting "duck, Mimi, duck!"
Do: put the left over cake where parents can help themselves.
Don't: leave it within reach of Boy, you will come back in 5 mins to find all the decorating dolly mixtures gone. Then in 10, all the icing. I counted 7 slices of cake that I saw him eat. (16% of his RDA sugar for an adult per slice. The word is "wooops")
Do: ask people without children to help on the day.
Don't: let your oldest friends get treated like staff by parents. Sorry girls xx (they must have made 50 cups of tea!)
Do: think of something unusual for children to take home from the party, like a balloon on a string.
Don't: put your mum in charge of providing string. It will be paper streamers which will rip when tied.
Do: Save money by stating on the invitation "games and cake" and holding the party between dinner and teatime.
Don't: buy so much cake that you will be giving it away all week.
Do: provide healthy snacks and drinks, such as fruit and diluted fresh juice, no one wants a hyper toddler to take home.
Don't: be surprised when you child has black poo due to all the blueberries he ate.
Do: make sure everyone gets a piece of cake, even if they leave early.
Don't: let your toddler see you giving out cake before he's had any, unless you like tantrums that is.
Do: buy two cakes: one to cut and wrap the night before so your small guests can have cake the second the candles have gone out.
Don't: forget to suggest to parents that their child might like to use one of the untouched paper plates, or you will spend much time hoovering.
Do: have a great time!
Don't: invite 20 children and 40 adults to an event ever again.
Well it's like Christmas all over again here at our house, lots of new toys, we had to invite friends over to play with them yesterday :-)
It's hard to believe how fast time goes, his age is now being counted in years and not months!



At 9:36 am , Anonymous Mummy Zen said...

Thanks for the helpful tips! The 2nd birthday will be the next one for my son so it's good to hear what works and what doesn't.

At 10:07 pm , Blogger said...

Sounds like a great (but tiring) day. We just had family over for Ben's second. The big sucess for us was noisy balloons (the ones that look like contraception, you blow them up and let them go flying noisily around the room - followed by a toddler!).


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