Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Another weird dream...

Health persons and lay persons alike assure me that odd dreams are common, if not normal in pregnancy. Try this one for size......

I did dream the other night that I was successfully breastfeeding my baby! I am indeed very keen to breastfeed in real life, so it was a comfort to think my brain "knows" how to do in in my dream. In the dream, feeding begins to hurt, and as my dream-self, I remember what I have read about breastfeeding, you have to slip your finger into baby's mouth to "break the seal" of suction, and start again, in the correct position.

So as I slip my finger in its mouth, I notice all is not right, look down and realise it is the cat!!!!!!!

In the dream, I do not think to myself, eugh, get the cat off me, I think, oh, that's why it's hurting, only because of her sharp teeth! Makes me shudder to think back on it. My brain is very strange.




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