Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Wedding Belle

I am rather excited to be going to a family wedding on HID's side this weekend! I love his aunties, they are just so posh, it's truly divine! And because I don't really know the people too well, I spend an absolute age perfecting my appearance in the hope of making a good impression, I'm sure lots of girls are the same. I just want to look the part! According to HID, apparently I do....

I have to/like to do these kind of things on a budget. So, I am recycling the dress I wore for my graduation ball a few weeks ago, a dusty pink satin 60's style number (a bargain at £6). Plus, I have found shoes that may be less successful at crippling me than were the pair I borrowed from my mother....low kitten heel pink with a bow matching the dress (a steal at £4.99). A dusty pink satin bag reduced to half price (£5). I scoured charity shops for a non-rip-off hat, black, customised with pink ribbon (a wonder at £2.50), and finally in the same charity shop, a long, black embroidered satin suit jacket (with matching skirt I'll probably never don, £3.99). So all in all a success!

I was sure it would all match, and tried on the ensemble for HID that very evening. I was amazed at my reflection in the mirror, I had done so well! I really looked the part, and pretty gorgeous too! Off to find HID, what do you think? I quizzed him.

"Oh, er, you look really...grown up!"
ME: "Don't you like it?"
HIM: "Of course! You look very, um, glamorous."

Later, in bed, wearing his old jogging pants and an old t shirt of his that clashed, I am still chuffed as about my outfit, telling him of all my bargains.

"Will you shut up about that outfit!"
ME: "Your don't like it do you?"
HIM: "If I'm totally honest, I've never seen you look more unsexy in my life!"
ME: "What even now?!"

I look down at my attire...

HIM: "Yes. You look like an auntie."

Well, we're going to a wedding, isn't that kinda the point? Hats and stuff? Girls my age never wear hats, god knows why, I love them! They really suit me. And I love being a bit different, so what better way than to wear a hat? He couldn't convince me! I still love it!



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