Saturday, June 16, 2007

Long time, no see!


It has been ages since I last wrote anything! Three months in fact. I have been rather busy, with uni coming to a close, and other things.....

I found out I am pregnant! HID and I were over the moon. We both knew it before we did a test, we'd been trying since October, and I stared throwing up about 2 weeks before my period was due....took a test a week later before HID woke up. I waited the full 3 mins, like it says on the box, but the result was obvious staright away. I climbed back into bed, not realising how much I was shaking! So much HID woke up and asked what was wrong! He has never hugged me so tightly as he did that day.

He had to go to work, so I made my way to the doctors. On the way my mum text me, and I just knew I couldn't keep it to myself. I asked HID if I could go round to tell her, he was fine with it. By luck, my step-dad was working from home, so they were both together! I told mum I'd just been to the doctors, she asked why, what's wrong with me. I said "nothing" with a huge goofy grin on my face! Then I told then. They are so pleased. It will be the first grandchild on both sides of the family! It will be spoiled rotten, ha ha.

So, just keeping you up to speed! That was 3 months ago, due to go for my scan next week .......



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