Thursday, June 28, 2007

Five Year Plan

HID said something I found very funny the other day. It was the five year anniversary of our first date. We were just chilling out, not really doing much, when he said:

HID: it's all worked out all right for you then, hasn't it Mrs?

ME: what do you mean?

HID was
referring to the ominous five-year-plan that single women torture themselves with. You know the one, in five year's time, I want to be living with/married to/pregnant by my boyfriend or even boyfriend-to-be.

Well, on our five year anniversary, he pointed out that I had conned him into proposing, buying a house together, getting married, and having a baby. A sat back in my chair and felt a little smug. I knew he was kidding, he wanted all those things as much as I did, but all that in five years?! Not bad going on my part, eh girls? Who says you need to be a blond size 10 with spherical breasts to trap a man?! And a damn good man at that!




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