Wednesday, December 13, 2006


I told my baby sister this story, which I initially thought was not really blog material, until she cried with laughter. Maybe you had to be there though? I’ll let you be the judge.

The other day, I went shopping at Netto, to hopefully save a few bob. I certainly got a few bargains, amongst which was a multi-pack of curls, or to you and me, fake quavers. I always tell HID what I have bought when I got shopping, as a rarely do a "big-shop", just top-up-shops, and I like bragging about bargains.

So it’s like: "And I got X, which only cost me £Y, and X was reduced to £Y, and I got some cheap quavers."

The curls packet was uncannily alike with that of quavers, yellow with the green writing. After his tea, HID asked if he could have some quavers. I threw a packet over, he opened them, popped one in, and exclaimed:

"Hey, Quavers have changed their name to Curls!"

I found this knicker-wettingly funny. Is it a "you had to be there"?



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