Thursday, December 14, 2006

He really exists!

Yesterday, I renewed my belief in Father Christmas.

I was in my local Boots, queuing to pay, when a rude lady pushed past me to get out, and an elderly gentleman trying to come in. He made a surprised face, and I caught a really good look at him as he walked past me, and I even turned round to let my eyes follow him into the store.

This is what he looked like; he had a big round belly, and a rounded face with rosy red cheeks. He was wearing a brown coat and a brown old-man-style hat with a sprig of holly in it. He sported half moon glasses on his nose, and a real snowy coloured beard. He looked even more like father Christmas than Kris Kringle in Miracle of 34th Street. Honestly, it was him! Perhaps he was buying my Christmas present, as I love Boots stuff!



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