Monday, January 15, 2007

Caught Out

In the months leading up to Christmas, I spied a copy of Top Gear magazine that had a free Clarkson book, one that HID had not yet read. I purchased said item, hurried it home, fished the mag out of the plastic wrapping, and gave it to HID as a treat. The book, I stowed away until Christmas time, when I gave it to HID as a sneaky present. Thinking I had gotten away with this deed, days later I picked up the literature for some light reading. To assess its eligibility, as I do with all books, I turned it over and read the back. Upon the red sleeve was an emblazoned yellow box stating "this book was free with a copy of Top Gear magazine, and is not to be sold separately." On my own in the room, I blush. HID never takes any notice of such things. Right? The next day, in the car with HID, I fail to remember the conversation leading up to it, but I was rumbled. He tried to tell me that the yellow box also made a joke of those who had received the book as a present, they were being ripped off! Outraged, I checked. It merely says that the book should have cost X amount of pounds, should it have been bought. The particulars do not matter! I was caught out just the same. And I though I was so clever....



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