Monday, April 20, 2009

Beginner Gardener

I'm ridiculously excited about my seedlings! Here they are, all doing well (see how they grow??). I'm not very green fingered, but I'm having a go at some tomatoes (Boy loves them) and pumpkins (I love Halloween, in a very over-the-top American way), and sunflowers (HID's favorite flowers.) They came in handy, child-friendly pots with explicitly simple instructions, great when you're child-like and simple when it comes to gardening. Strangely, I was very surprised to find ordinary pumpkin, tomato and sunflower seeds when I opened the packet, exactly the same as the ones you would buy to eat. I'm not sure quite what I expected,but perhaps something more complicated? I needn't have bought any, could have just saved the seeds from the veg!

I bought the same set of three pots for my almost-eight-year-old goddaughter for Easter, her mother doesn't like her having too much chocolate (here, here!). I had hoped she'd be rather pleased, but vegetables can't get much further than chocolate I suppose, and it was a bit much for a seven year old to expect faked enthusiasm for a disappointing present. "Oh." She said flatly. "Thanks."

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