Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Baby sick: I

Babies, especially mine, are sick a lot,and unlike some, I am no Olympic baby-sick-catcher. When you need as many changes of clothes as they do, it's a poor do. Which is why I have drafted a pros and cons list of baby-sick-down-the-bra syndrome....

CON: it is wastage of your hard-made/tediously prepared milk (this applies to sickages of all types)

CON: it was just safely contained within your boobs. It is now splashed all over them.

CON: it is horribly warm, perhaps even started to curdle....

PRO: it has warmed you up, who has time to nip upstairs for a jumper?

PRO: it has made baby smile, even if it is in a Denis-The-Menace I-so-did-that-on-purpose kind of way.

PRO: it is entirely contained in your bra, which means your top requires no washing!

CON: you will have to remove said top and bra to get to it, bra and self need washing....this will probably not happen for some time as baby didn't smile for long.....ewwwww.

mmmmm, baby sick.



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