Tuesday, April 22, 2008

April Showers

A tale from very early motherhood: 2nd night in.

Still in the hospital (luckily I had the ward to myself), heavily sleep deprived after a 3 day labor and sleepless 1st night, I was getting ready for bed. I had on lovely clean nightwear, crisp hospital sheets and a baby with a full tum, but a wet bum. Last change before we both try to get some sleep. Very new to the whole thing, a nappy change takes a long time, especially with such a delicate new baby. About half way through, sans old nappy and awaiting new one, he begins to wee. Weeeeeee! All over the floor. All over my pajamas (top, bottoms, socks and slippers). All over my bed. Not a measly drop on himself!

Thoroughly embarrassed at my stupidity (I had been warned of little boy's "waterfall" abilities), and immensely glad no one else was on the ward, I proceed a huge clean up operation that ate heavily into my sleeping time. I even changed my own sheets, feeling too silly to bother the staff and hunting out clean ones from a room down the hall. Gutted! He's four months now...I don't often get caught out these days, and if I do, I have the reactions of a cat!




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