Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hang up your heels, you're a mummy now.

This may be very wrong, but here is a list of things I am more excited about than clothes shopping:

My new extra-large-drum, silver, multi-program washing machine, which is currently being christened with dirty reusable nappies. (A few months down the line, here is a photograph of my boy also enjoying the cavernous space within the drum.)

Getting my Christmas present sewing machine out of the box and playing with it dreaming of lining the baby's curtains so he'll sleep better, or sewing little motifs onto his plain t-shirts.

Having a shower. And then, drying my hair!!

Buying dungarees for my Boy. I love dungers!

Mum and baby groups: cheaper than therapy for talking about your birth experiences/mother/mother-in-law troubles.

Yummy Mummy? Yeah right!



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