Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pregnancy symptoms strike again

Over Easter weekend, my boy developed some long awaited (by me) skills in the walking department (I am most unwilling to carry one baby on each hip in the presence of a toddler that doesn't actually toddle). So to celebrate/hone his new skills, we high-tailed it to the nearest beach, where we were pleasantly surprised to find a wide expanse of short, flat grass leading down to the sand, filled with picnicking, playing families. A perfect place for toddle-practice.

When little legs could waddle no more, a pub lunch was in order, to satiate our growing belly-growls, so we popped into a quiet-looking place, and I ordered fish and chips for me, and bangers and mash for HID (the idea being Boy would share a little of both), while Boy got a tour of the pub, concentrating mostly on the flashing lights of the bandits.

As I waited for our drinks order at the bar, I became aware of a most familiar and horrible sensation; I was feeling faint, and as the feeling progressed to popping white light before my eyes, I knew I had but a few seconds before I hit the deck. I looked around for HID, not near enough to shout. Our seats were 10 or more paces away, not enough time to make it. The drinks arrived as I gripped the bar, I clasped my hand round one drink, hoping to not look like too much of an idiot if I turned and joined the party directly behind me, the closest empty seat.

I seem to remember the bar maid asking if I was all right, then I opened my eyes to find I was covered in coke and HID was standing over me, holding my boy, looking concerned, livid and mortified all at once. I was guided to the chair I had been aiming for, and realised the bar stool that lay on the floor must be the reason why my shins hurt so much. And my elbow, and hip, head and bottom. I must have crashed into it on the way down. Everyone was looking. I must have gone down like a sack of spuds! Inwardly, I was groaning, but as I spoke,my voice was shaky and tearful.

I managed to shake off everyone's concerns and eat my late lunch in relative peace, the real reason, I suspect, for my over-dramatic swooning.

Writing this post two days later, I am still feeling decidedly wobbly at times, and my bumps and bruises have come up a treat, making it hard work even playing on the floor with my boy. Perhaps a doctor's visit is in order....




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