Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Baby sick: I

So anyway, HID and Boy were having some daddy-boy time last Saturday morning, HID gave him his bottle and then decided to play with him. He was doing the thing that all dads insist on doing with tiny fragile babies, holding them suspended in the air and "throwing" them up and down. This is fine by me, I occasionally indulge myself as I can't resist the giggles it provokes.

But just after a feed? Hmmmm, this smacks of disaster, yes? Seemingly in time to save himself, HID goes "Whoops, better not,just after a feed!"

Apparently with the memory of a goldfish, two seconds later, he was doing it again, so I had no sympathy when Boy's tummy complained, then....

You guessed it, at least 2oz of sicked-up milk, right on target into HID's mouth.

"Ummm, I cu useth um help?" struggled HID, in a voice that only materializes when one has a mouthful of something unmentionable.

Obviously, as the perfect wife that I am, I am beside myself, helpless with laughter on the floor, not a chance he'd get anything from me. I even had to excuse myself from the room, as I don't have the same faith in my pelvic floor muscles as I once did!

Serves him right. Right?!



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