Thursday, April 30, 2009

How do you pack yours?

After reading More than Just a Mother's inspired post here, I decided to share with you what useless bits of tat I carry round in my huge nappy bag:

Side pocket no. 1: my (very scratched) sunglasses, my Boy's teeny weeny sunglasses, a too-small sun hat. (all of which would have been useful over a week ago, when it was actually sunny.)

Side pocket no. 2: cotton bib

Front pocket no. 1: bottle hand sanitizer, wrinkled-looking satsuma, pencil, dummy, spf 30 sun stick, morning sickness sweet (stopped feeling sick about 3 months ago), whistle out of a children's party bag.

Front pocket no. 2: (a pen has leaked in this pocket) box of teething powders, tub of stale ricecakes, bottle spf 30 spray on suntan lotion, two morning sickness sweets, motion sickness bands, mini pot of sudocrem, crisp packet, squashed "real fruit" bar, sell by date aug 08, a button, 3 kirby grips, 5 raisens. All covered in ink, offending pen nowhere to be found.

Main pocket:
Ikea froggy changing mat
3 t-shirts
2 vests (no trousers)
cotton bib
reins (never used)
pair of socks
chewing gum: one left in packet
dummy chain
lip salve (never used)
messy bag (for dirty bibs etc. it has never been big enough for it's intended purpose)
several receipts and tesco vouchers
A small bag containing: two nappies, wipes, nappy bags and 2 sachets pf calpol and one or ibuprofen.

Hmmm. Not sure I need all of that. Not as bad as the time I was visiting another mum for a playdate, and while looking for a nappy, pulled out a pair of kitchen scissors...


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