Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I thought my friend and I had come up with a great idea when we worked out a plan for me to get my shopping done without the SPD sin of pushing a trolley: lets go together! What could be more fun and convenient than sharing a trolley, while or little "darlings" play together in the double trolley seats? I'll tell you what: tesco home delivery.

I thought I was being organised when I packed lots of snacks and toys for the babies to enjoy on the way round the shops, but what I was really doing was giving them another excuse to fight and cry, as they tussled for the favourite toy (which was always whichever one the other child had....) and tried to get more food than the other.

By the time we reached the checkout, my friend was jigging my Boy on her back in a sling, pushing a two-tonne trolley, and singing to entertain her bored-to-tears daughter, while I hobbled in her wake on my crutches. What a disaster. HID has promised to do the food shopping from now on...



At 8:14 pm , Blogger Maternal Tales said...

Ooops. Live and learn! Tesco delivery every time!!


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