Tuesday, April 21, 2009


My baby angel is having his delec
table sandy waves cut tomorrow. I'm really not sure if I want it to happen, but he is beginning to look like nobody owns him, so needs must. I won't even be there! My mum is taking him while I go to an ante-natal exercise class. He does know the hairdresser though, she's a family friend. Here he is before his haircut, isn't it gorgeous!? Will post an after shot too I think.

Update: Here is my Boy's new haircut, granted, he's just woken in the picture,so it is a bit fluffy with bed-head. And his head is tilted,so it's much straighter than it looks. I think it's really smart! He apparently had to be bribed with a biscuit in order to sit still, not something I would have done....



At 8:29 pm , Blogger Maternal Tales said...

Don't do it. Let him have long carefree locks forever!! I'm not helping am I??

At 9:25 pm , Blogger JK said...

Are you going to keep a lock of hair from his first cut? Such a big decision to have made! I love Munchkin's hair and I just hope his fringe doesn't start flopping over his eyes cos then I would have to get it cut.

At 7:03 am , Blogger allgrownup said...

He had it done when he was quite tiny, when all his black baby hair rubbed off except fro round the back, so that bit needed cutting! (I kept everything she cut off) It was a success and he looked very smart, so I'm not too worried. Although, HID was furious when he found out I was having it cut (it was his idea,but I don't think he expected me to go through with it). It's just a trim guys! I might let him grow it when he's a bit older, when he looks less like a baby and more like a boy, so he doesn't get mistaken for a girl too much. Little boys with long hair are GORGEOUS.

At 12:23 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...


I think that your gorgeous boy looks very grown up with his new hair style!! I love it when the M-in-law cuts our little boys hair, although the other half would prefer it to be much longer... We WILL continue to get it chopped!!



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