Friday, May 01, 2009

Caught out

After my nappy bag post yesterday, I was well and utterly shamed into clearing out my nappy bag, even the inky pocket, which was scrubbed with wet wipes. I was quite pleased with the final product, all it needed was a pair of trousers, which I would get the next time I went upstairs.

Of course, I forgot. Today I went to a soft play group, and after assuming my Boy had sat in a puddle in the garden just before we set off, this theory was refuted as he started to get more and more grumpy. As I changed him, I realised all I could save was his shoes and socks. I felt like an awful mother, ho long had he been wet?? And I dug in my nappy bag for what turned out to be a dingy second hand, too-big t-shirt and a clean vest. No trousers. Most annoyed, especially after my smug clean out yesterday,and quite embarrassing to take a (badly) half-dressed child back into a room of immaculately dressed pre-schoolers and judgmental parents.

I made an eye-contact appeal for trousers across the room to the two friends I had come to the session with, even the one with a daughter. I'm not sure if it makes me feel better, but neither of them had spare trousers either.

A kind lady made her way over to me and offered me her spare pair, I didn't even know her name until today, and my Boy was then dressed in a mis-matched,too-big ensemble which lasted, oh, all of two hours before another full change was needed. Luckily, he wasn't out in public this time.



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