Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Bump Envy

(Photograph not of me, but by Karen:
I am 21 weeks pregnant, and I don't have much of a bump. In comparison to last time however, it is positively huge, and resembles the size it was when I was 8 months pregnant last time. Strangers did not realise I was pregnant, so I completely missed out on the whole, lovely, chivalry towards pregnant women thing. No-one helped me with shopping, held open doors, or gave up seats. Except when I used my crutches to ease my strained pregnancy ligaments. Then it was all; "What have you done to your leg, love?". Me, (through gritted teeth) : "Nothing, I'm just pregnant." So although, this pregnancy, my bump, again, isn't big by anyone's standards really, it's lovely to me, and I'm rather proud of doing the opposite of what I've been doing for the past 6 years, and sticking my tummy out for all to see.

However, on attending an aqua-natal class for bumpy ladies like myself, I was rather disappointed to see, yet again that my bump was by far the most minuscule of the lot. Even in my skin-tight, non-maternity swimming costume, where it's nowhere to hide, it is rather pitiful. But what I didn't need for my bump-paranoia was this scenario.

Bumpy ladies all exiting the warm "baby pool" after ending the class with five minutes of relaxation, passing a small class of pre-schoolers (and parents) waiting to get in. One mummy using the opportunity for a bit of birds and bees education, and explaining to her son that all these ladies had babies growing in their tummies. Ahhh. He pointed directly at me and said very loudly: "She's not!"

The mummy smiled apologetically, but it was of little comfort. Perhaps he thought I'd simply eaten all the pies...



At 7:12 pm , Blogger JK said...

I think your bump is perfectly respectable! You could always eat all the pies for comfort though.

At 9:57 pm , Blogger Maternal Tales said...

Oh don't you worry - you'll get there in the end! I always started small with mine but made up for it (and more) by about 7 months, by which time it looked like I was carrying triplets!

At 3:23 pm , Blogger Perfectly Happy Mum said...

This remind me of when I was pregnant with my first :)!

At 10:22 am , Blogger siobhan said...

I'm just so glad you feel proud of your bump. It's so sad when women say how unattractive they feel when pregnant. Keep sticking it out proudly


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