Thursday, November 30, 2006

Old before my time

I've had a bad back since about the age of 16, my dad thinks it's caused by a paper round I had when I was 13, which he accompanied me on one Saturday morning, and then forbade me from doing it again once he found out how heavy the bag was. I think it's from being a waitress, carrying armfuls of heavy plates and huge trays piled high. It happened too long ago now to get compensation from either of these employers! Not that I would ever become that Americanized.

So I have exercises that I do, twice a day, every day, just like brushing my teeth, and I have good days and bad days, and sometimes, bad weeks. I'm having a bad week this week. More than an hour sat at a computer and I'm close to tears. I fact, I'm kneeling as I write this, much more comfortable. It might sound strange, but on bad days, unloading the washing machine is unbearably strenuous, and I struggle to push open fire doors, I just kick them until they open.

I had uni yesterday, then had to go straight into work, and my back was really sore, tender, as though it had been bruised, not been that bad in almost a year. Shortly after I arrived at work, the office slowly empties, as people popped out on various errands. There is only one position I can be in that relives me of almost all the pain when I'm like this: lying flat on my back, on a carpeted floor. Pretending to work away, I became increasingly tempted by the new (ish) fluffy cream carpet in the office......

I'll just have five minutes, I thought to myself.

I carefully lowered my battered body to the forgiving soft but firm floor, and sighed with relief, from the pain, from the quiet office. Oooooh, it was so nice. Peace and quiet, practically pain free...bliss.

Ah. Just though: the door's unlocked. It's dark outside. Two minutes with my over-active imagination and I'm worrying about murderers bursting in and me being unable to get up!! Can I actually get up, I wonder? Yes, I'm sure. Course I can!

Bit worried about that unlocked door though. Not sure how long my colleagues will be either.

*Gggggrrrrrrrrrrr* (noise I heard)

*S!!!T* (me shouting) *CRACK* (my neck)

Oh. Just the fridge kicking into action. And if you were interested, yes I apparently can get up. In a hurry. Not that it did my back any good.

I got up after that. Silly me, eh?



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