Friday, December 08, 2006


I am very excited about the up-coming festive season! Christmas is one thing, but I also have a birthday, my 1st ever wedding anniversary, and a trip to Edinburgh to celebrate it all! Check out the fab apartment that HID has booked for our kinky getaway, and it's right in the city centre too. On the left here is a pic of the writer's museum, on the left hand side of the pic is a block of apartments, that's where we'll be!

I really can't wait. My Christmas tree had been up since the 3rd (I wasn't home on the 1st or 2nd, or it would have been then), my presents are all bought, wrapped, and sitting under said tree, which is my 1st big Christmas tree since the foot-high, pink and purple disco balls effort when I lived in university halls. This one's a proper grown up tree, massive with gold decorations, given to me by both sets of grandparents!

I'm even rumored to be receiving new hat/scarf/glove sets for my birthday before we leave for our Scottish mini-break, which will prevent me from needing to purchase a new winter coat for the occasion, I'll just dress up the old one with new accessories. Black never goes out of style. I will definitely be wrapping up warn after last year's winter city-break (honeymoon in Paris), when I packed 2 short, autumn jackets to look beau for my newly-nabbed HID, and it hoofed it down with inch upon inch of snow the entire 9 days. I have certainly learned my lesson that even if function doesn't necessarily come before fashion, they certainly must go hand in hand.

So I'll let you know if we enjoyed our break! I'm sure we will, it will be lush to spend some time alone together, without the stress or work ect. Although my January exams are coming up....



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