Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Fruit Salad

I went shopping to my favourite supermarket yesterday! The reason it's such a big deal is that since we moved in with MIL, it is now much further away, thus costing what we would save in cheap food, in spending more petrol money. That wasn't the most eloquent of sentences was it? Can't think of any other way to say it. Anyway, my mum was going anyway, so I went along with her. She shops for a family of four, I shop for HID and myself, so we selected large and small trolleys respectively.

Unfortunately, due to my excitement at the bargains galore, it should have been the other way around, as her trolley was pitifully empty for a mid-week top-up shop, and mine was precariously balanced as though there were about to be a cordial/fruit/pasta sauce shortage.

Back at home with my proud purchases; I decided to make a lovely sweet and sour with my reduced-to-48p packet of stir-fry veggies, reduced-to-49p smart price peppers and reduced-to-50p fresh, whole pineapple. The only things that needed preparation were the peppers and pineapple, so off to chopping I went. Pineapple first, into a tupperware for the excess to be reincarnated as desert (with reduced-to-70p organic yoghurt), then peppers, red and yellow, just perch them atop the pineapple for now.

HID shouts "Yo!" as he comes in from work, (don't ask me why, he always does. What's wrong with hello? Thinks he's a gangster. With his ginger 'fro) and I start to add the ingredients. Chicken, then peppers, carefully making sure I get every last yellow piece from in amongst the pineapple, a handful of the chopped pineapple, ready-made veggies, sauce....done.

T'was lovely. Yummy tea indeed. I did not leave room for afters, but HID, peeking in the fridge, spots the leftover pineapple, and I direct him to pour over the yoghurt, straight into the tupperware, save washing up (or more accurately, energy of dishwasher). Mmmmm, he tucked in, marvelling my bargain-hunting skills and excellent wifey-ness in general.

He popped the very last piece of yoghurt-covered pineapple into his mouth. His face changes, contorts, gags.....yep you guessed it boys and girls, a piece of yellow pepper he had just consumed. Oh dear. Perhaps I am not the all-knowing all-powerful wife he thought I was mere seconds ago. Or am I?!

No, I wouldn't do that to HID on purpose. A) He is too nice, and puts up with me. B) I actually am that stupid as to leave the pepper in there.



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